The Digital Justice Lab, housed within the Digital Humanities and Social Engagement cluster at Dartmouth College, is a lab focused on promoting greater justice in digital cultures.

What we do:

We develop research projects that are both critical and creative in order to better understand and communicate the risks that digital technologies pose to civil and human rights.

We work to find ways to leverage digital infrastructure and tools in order to assist those who are most in need, address abuse, and limit harm.

We break things, make things, and have fun.

Who we are:

DJL is led by Dr. Jacqueline Wernimont, managed by research associate and doctoral candidate Nikki Stevens.

Current members of the lab include Christy Rose (MA, Digital Music), Dr. Brinker Ferguson (DHSE cluster manager), Kirby Phares (UG), and Caroline Casey (UG).

Where we are located: 

Dartmouth (Hanover, NH) Bartlett 201, not far from the HOP.

Where we are located: 

Bartlett 201, not far from the HOP